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Plug & Play

Your dashboard will be setup for you, with no manual intervention required from your side. All you need to do is complete a simple uptake form outlining the details and access required, and we will do the rest. You will then receive logins and a password to your live dashboard, ready to use and give you the insights you need to optimise your marketing activity.

Track all channels on one platform

Lumen analytics provides a single, graphic view of your marketing performance and replaces the need for manual reporting. This will allow you to view results and optimise without having to wade through numerous reports from different sources and formats. Not only does this provide consistency between multiple reporting platforms, it also allows you to easily review your digital marketing performance against a company wide standardized measurement framework. The architecture and layout is such that it is easy for any stakeholder to understand and action the information.

Unlimited user accounts per licence

There is no limit on the number of users who can access your dashboard, which means that your full team (Brand and Agency) can access the dashboard and there is no additional cost for adding/ removing any users as changes occur. This allows your full team to have line of sight of your marketing performance at any time.

Long term data storage

The central location and storage of data allows for benchmarks to be extracted across all digital touch points. This enables you to surface trends and patterns, and become more data orientated in terms of insights and more scientific in how you formulate KPI’s.

Track against actual targets

The setting screen allows you to input your actual targets, so that the full team can have line of sight of how performance is faring against targets and ensure that action is taken to where required to ensure the targets are reached.

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