Social squareSocial

The Social screen provides insights into your social media activity across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Your brands' owned performance is measured as reach and engagement and is split into paid and organic content.  

The Follower Growth widget allows you to track how your fans and followers change over time.

Hashtag Mentions monitors public posts about your handle, campaign hashtags or even competitor hashtags. 

A scatterplot and table allows you to easily find the top and worst performing paid or organic posts. Information is broken down into platform, time, message, image, reach, engagement rate and post link (this can be filtered as required).




Traffic squareTraffic

The Traffic View visualises your Google Analytics data to enable you to understand which visitors came to your website, where they came from, how long they stayed as well as whether your goals in Google Analytics were completed. Additionally this view allows you to track more than one website if required.

The Conversion Funnel gives you the following metrics: Sessions, Non-Bounce Visits and Conversions (goal completions). These values are shown against your targets and also broken down by day. The Acquisition & Behaviour section lets you count total visits to the site, how many were new users, what proportion were bounce visits and what the average duration and average pages per visit was.

The Segmentation section is split between Mediums (how users arrived at the site) and New vs Returning Visitors (which compares first time versus repeating users of your site). 

Within demographics you can take a deeper look at which devices were use to access your site or which country they are from.  



Paid Media square

Paid Media

This screen allows you to compare the performance of online ad campaigns, enabling you to know what kinds of ads are delivery results and where you get the best return on your investment. Track Paid Media from any ad servers such as display reports from Sizmek and social ad reports from Meedee8.

Actual Spend, Conversions and Cost per acquisition performance can be viewed compared to targets, when and where the ads were served, and which placements performed best. 








When a campaign is run using USSD the screen tracks performance over time including Sessions, Entries and Valid Entries. The dashboard is able to integrate daily media schedules to illustrate the impact of the media on performance.

The Conversion Funnel section shows how users progress through the conversion process and how this compares against targets for the period. The metrics are shown as daily activity and trend indicators which compare against the previous period. 

The Entries By Type section uses a similar layout to break down the Entries into those which were Valid, Duplicate or Invalid.







Influencers square


While the Social screen shows daily values of Twitter and Instagram mentions of your brand and hashtags, the Influencer screen shows which users contributed to those mentions.

Filtering options allow you to toggle between Twitter or Instagram users. You can identify certain users you know will be mentioning your brand, before your campaign starts and group them as Celeb-, Paid- or Blogger- Influencers.

To find users who contributed to the mentions of your brand you can use the scatterplot provided or  sort them in the table by filtering their Name, Mentions, Followers and Potential Reach.








ORM squareORM

The Online Reputation Management screen allows you to monitor the public perception of your brand, enabling you to ensure that your brand voice is relevant and continuously evolving with your ever changing consumer. The screen provides detailed information including sentiment, mentions, top posts and trends. 

Sentiment is recorded as positive, negative or neutral to enable you to get a more accurate view of the impact of your posts.

In the Conversation section, the content of your posts about your brand is analysed in order to show most commonly used hashtags, keywords and web URLs.


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