We harvest pertinent digital marketing data from various platforms API’s.

Our connector framework is designed to harvest data from a constantly growing list of sources. From social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, to ad servers like Sizmek, Double Click, Adwords and more.

We have sophisticated API connections that cater to even the most arcane or peculiar data sources.


The dashboards display your key datasets in a way which tells a story and provides you with the information you need to see in order to truly grasp how your brand is performing across various channels.

The dashboard allows you to see:
• How much you spent during a selected period
• Performance in the current period vs. the previous period
• Performance vs. targets
• You can drill down to placement level to see which post/ad/keyword performed best.

Social – Owned vs. Earned, Paid vs. Organic > Drill down to post level to see the most important information.


Having all of your data in one interface in a set of simple, interactive visualisations unlocks the story inside your data and enable you to quickly derive insights which are key to optimising, and it’s mobile so you can do this all on the fly.


Empowered with the right insights, you are able to confidently make the right decisions and ensure the right action is taken to improve the performance of your campaigns.


These elements combine to create:
• Predictable outcomes
• Increased performance of your digital marketing campaigns
• Increase in ROI


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